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Unveiling the Complex Cellular Machinery in Human Disease

The Thomä Lab delves into the intricate world of chromatin biology, focusing on the proteins that orchestrate gene expression programs. We particularly investigate how these intricate, multi-protein complexes regulate transcription and are fascinated by the role of ubiquitin ligases in these processes.

By employing cutting-edge techniques in cell and chemical biology, biochemistry, and structural biology, we aim to decipher the underlying molecular mechanisms. Our research has illuminated how proteins access DNA within chromatin, a crucial step in gene regulation. However, we go beyond mere understanding; we strive to translate our findings into potential therapeutic interventions.

Dysregulation of transcriptional programs is a hallmark of nearly all human diseases, with many mutations in transcription factors acting as drivers of cancer. We have elucidated the molecular mode of action of some of the most potent drugs currently available for targeting transcription factors. Nevertheless, novel strategies are necessary to target additional members of this class of challenging-to-drug proteins. Through exploring how small molecules can modulate protein interactions (e.g., via molecular glues or bifunctional degraders), we are paving the way for the development of novel therapeutics for various human diseases.


Head of Laboratory: Nicolas Thomä
Phone: +41 21 693 05 98
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Laboratory: Fiona Bello
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Administration: Pauline Stehli
Office: AAB 013
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