Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems

Research at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems (LTPN), led by Prof. Vincenzo Savona, covers the areas of quantum optics, many-body open quantum systems, quantum information and quantum computing, with the overarching goal of exploring the frontiers of modern quantum science and technology.



The critical Schrödinger Cat Qubit

Our recent work on Schrödinger cat qubits shows how operating the qubit close to a dissipative phase transition can enhance its noise-bias and make it the best candidate for the realization of a boson-encoded qubit

Adaptive variational low-rank dynamics for open quantum systems

An open quantum system is typically in a mixed quantum state. However, its mixedness is often not as large. With this general numerical method, we can integrate the dynamics of a low-entropy open quantum system using only the minimal needed amount of computational resources. The method leads to a significant scaling advantage with respect to exact numerical integration

A quantum algorithm for the direct estimation of the steady state of open quantum systems

We designed a quantum algorithm to directly compute the density matrix describing the steady state of an open quantum system.

Quantum error correction using squeezed Schrödinger cat states

Check out our last preprint on a novel bosonic quantum code. The squeezed cat code can correct efficiently both photon-loss and dephasing errors, bringing considerable improvement over the conventional Schrödinger cat code, while still preserving ease of implementation

Variational quantum Monte Carlo with neural network ansatz for open quantum systems

A new methodological work combining the predictive power of machine learning tools with the versatility of variational quantum Monte Carlo to simulate open quantum systems. Soon to appear in Physical Review Letters.