Nanostructured Materials

Spintronics and Novel Magnetic Materials.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of solids and surfaces.
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization.

TeraHertz magnetic resonance 

TP4 and Master’s project

We have an opeing for one student “TP4” and for one master project. Follow the link below for a short presentation of the lab.

Travaux pratiques “TP4”

Startup stemming from LPMN : SWISSTO12

The developments needed to implement DNP using a gyrotron required the construction of a waveguide. The technique invented at this occasion was patented, a company was created that now develops passive componentsfor sub-THz signal processing: SWISSTO12.

  • Together with Swissto12, LPMN has organized a series of courses on continuing education about sub-THz electronics.
  • Swissto12 develops 3D printing for the production of antennaes.