Laboratory of Nanoscience for Energy Technologies

LNET aims at exploring innovative mechanisms and concepts for light harvesting, conversion and storage by exploiting non-equilibrium (ballistic) transport processes and by leveraging on strong light/solid/liquid coupling at the nanoscale.

Next Appointments

Invited talk at Meta19 (Lisbon)

— Prof. Tagliabue will give an invited talk at Meta19 in Lisbon (23-26.07.19)

Invited talk at OSA Advanced Photonics (San Francisco)

— Prof. Tagliabue will give an invited talk at OSA Advanced Photonics Congress in San Francisco (29.07-01.08.19)

Oral presentation at NANOP (Munich)

— Dr. Tsoulos will give an oral presentation at NANOP 2019 in Munich (04-06.09.19)

Latest News

LNET in STI News

Fatemeh’s poster at SNC

— Fatemeh presents a poster at the Swiss Nano Convention about a new scalable ultra-broadband absorber design. Nice work!

LNET in STI News

Interview with Prof. Tagliabue

— STI interviewed Prof. Tagliabue to learn more about LNET Link

Table Move In

The Optical Lab is ready!

— Today the optical tables have been moved into the lab. This endeavour certainly did not go unnoticed in MED! Thanks to all who have helped in organizing and making the move happen! More photos

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