Open Student Projects

SIE Project

Rotifers as biological filters to enhance water quality

Rotifers, a type of zooplankton, play an important role in ecosystems as filter-feeding organisms and primary consumers within aquatic foodwebs. Recent studies have shown that zooplankton, such as rotifers, can remove viruses from water, but further work is needed to understand the interaction of rotifers with viruses. In particular, studies are needed to determine if rotifers are inactivating or protecting viruses.

A project is open for an undergraduate student to participate in research examining the interaction of rotifers with viruses, and how virus disinfection is impacted by rotifer filter feeding. The student will have the chance to collaborate with LCE (ENAC) researchers and learn standard microbiological techniques.

Primary responsibilities for the student researcher will include:

  • A)   Optimizing rotifer culture techniques to maximize growth and population size
  • B)    Quantifying rotifer filtration rates at various environmentally relevant conditions
  • C)    Examining the potential of a mass balance approach to determine viral fate using the rotifer as a model system

Point of contact: Prof. Tamar Kohn