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To determine whether the four-handed manipulation via dual feet-interface described in the Homepage is feasible, we investigate the foot motor control capabilities (precision in position and in force application for the different movement possibilities; force/sensory inputs perception) using a five degrees of freedom foot haptic platform prototype. We further study how this performance deteriorates as the subject is requested to control simultaneously but in a decoupled manner the two feet, i.e. inter and intralimb coordinations effects. Hence, the participants are requested to control with their feet movements (within the platforms) cursors displayed on a computer screen. Various tasks with different durations (minimum 10 minutes) can be considered: reaching appearing targets, playing with colorful cubes, teleoperating robotic arms, more realistic simulations of controlling surgical instruments…

Experimental set-up with a stool, the two foot platforms and the computer screen for visual feedback. The heights of the chair and of the screen, the distances between the chair and the platform(s) or/and the screen are adjusted to maximize user comfort.

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