Laboratory of Hybrid Photonics

The Hybrid Photonics Laboratory at EPFL tackles questions revolving around quantum sensing and metrology on ultra-fast time-scales and generation and synthesis of far-infrared waveforms at will. For this, we invent and innovate coherent electro-optic interfaces with the latest integrated photonics technology and nano-optics.

Hybrid electro-optic device that can be used for detection and generation of terahertz light.


Integrated terahertz photonics

We use nonlinearities in state-of-the-art lithium niobate and silicon-on-insulator circuits to address terahertz applications.

Gigahertz-speed metasurfaces

We use hybrid silicon-organic metasurfaces to achieve pixelated, high-efficiency control of free-space light at gigahertz speeds.

Advanced sub-cycle metrology

We explore the physics and limits of sub-cycle metrology techniques down to the quantum limit.