UPHummel Lab


The mission of the Hummel Lab is to develop novel personalized, neurotechnological interventions tailored to the individual to enhance functional recovery of sensorimotor and cognitive functions in patients suffering from neurological disorders, such as stroke, TBI or neurodegenerative disorders, and bring these neuro-technologies from ‘bench to clinical bedside’. An excellent understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disorders and recovery processes, and the development of biomarkers is an important basis to achieve this goal.

Latest news

Machine-learning improves the prediction of stroke recovery

Read how we used information from the brain’s connectome – the “wiring” between neurons – and machine learning to assess and predict the outcome of stroke victims.


SNSF supports a collaborative project

SNSF supports a collaborative project on interventional strategies for cognitive improvement in healthy seniors and MCI patients. The research project entitled “Novel, individualized Brain Stimulation, network-based approaches to improve Cognition in healthy seniors and patients with MCI (NiBS-iCog)” presented by the Hummel Lab together with the lab of Prof. Rektorova (Brno, Cz) was accepted by the SNSF and GACR within the lead agency scheme between CH and CZ. The project will start in January 2021.


Neurotechnologies as tools for cognitive rehabilitation in stroke patients

This review gives an overview about the current neurotechnologies that are most often used for cognitive rehabilitation in stroke patients, namely computerized cognitive training, virtual reality, noninvasive brain stimulation, and brain-computer interfaces. The techniques and their current state are critically discussed as well as their advantages and disadvantages.