UPHummel Lab


The mission of the Hummel Lab is to develop novel personalized, neurotechnological interventions tailored to the individual to enhance functional recovery of sensorimotor and cognitive functions in patients suffering from neurological disorders, such as stroke, TBI or neurodegenerative disorders, and bring these neuro-technologies from ‘bench to clinical bedside’. An excellent understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disorders and recovery processes, and the development of biomarkers is an important basis to achieve this goal.

Latest news

Virtual visit to our lab

Take a virtual tour through Campus Biotech, the Geneva campus of EPFL, and explore our lab as well as many more aspects of this thriving research environment.

Happiness as seen by scientists

Happiness was the central theme of the Science Valais Network Day on 27 November 2021 in Sion. Four scientists from different backgrounds exchanged their knowledge and views on a concept that is not always easy to define. [In French]

Machine-learning improves the prediction of stroke recovery

Read how we used information from the brain’s connectome – the “wiring” between neurons – and machine learning to assess and predict the outcome of stroke victims.