Laboratory for Galaxy Evolution and Spectral Modelling

My research interests evolve around astrophysics, focusing on modelling the evolution of galaxies and their central supermassive black holes (BHs) within a cold dark matter cosmogony, and on establishing a close connection between theoretical predictions and observed galaxy spectra. Specifically, my research aims at unveiling the differential impact of internal processes such as energetic phenomena from stars and accreting BHs (i.e. active galactic nuclei, AGN) as well as external processes due to environment and mergers on galaxies and BHs from the earliest cosmic epochs until present-day. Therefor, a combination of different theoretical, numerical techniques is employed and developed: semi-analytic models (SAMs), cosmological large-scale and zoom-in hydrodynamic simulations as well as spectral evolution models based on detailed photoionisation calculations. In the research page I briefly summarise some important achievements and on-going projects.


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