EDBB Program Members

In addition to the research groups of the Institute of Bioengineering, at the interface between the Life Sciences and Life Technologies, and bridging two EPFL Schools: the School of Life Sciences (FSV) and the School of Engineering (STI), the researchers of the Global Health Institute (EPFL School of Life Sciences) are also part of our PhD program and offer exciting PhD positions to talented young researchers.

EDBB Thesis Directors

Prof. Andrea Ablasser
Laboratory of Prof. Andrea Ablasser
Prof. Hatice Altug
Bionanophotonic Systems Laboratory
Prof. Kamiar Aminian
Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement
Prof. Johan Auwerx Laboratory of Integrative Systems Physiology
Prof. Yimon Aye
Laboratory of Electrophiles and Genome Operation
Prof. Patrick Barth Laboratory of protein and cell engineering
Prof. Maartje Bastings
Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory
Prof. Anne-Florence Bitbol
Laboratory of Prof. Anne-Florence Bitbol
Prof. Malanie Blokesch
Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology
Prof. Cathrin Brisken
Laboratory of Prof. Cathrin Brisken
Prof. Bruno Correia Laboratory of Protein Design & Immunoengineering
Prof. Matteo Dal Peraro Laboratory for Biomolecular Modeling
Prof. Giovanni D’Angelo
Lipid Cell Biology Laboratory
Prof. De Los Rios Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics
Prof. Michele De Palma
Laboratory of Prof. Michele De Palma
Prof. Bart Deplancke
Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics
Prof. Georg Fantner
Laboratory for Bio- and Nano-Instrumentation
Dr. Jerome Feige
Nestle Institute of Health Sciences
Prof. Jacques Fellay Laboratory of Prof. Jacques Fellay
Prof. Ivo Furno Swiss Plasma Center
Prof. Diego Ghezzi
Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering
Prof. Pierre Gönczy Laboratory of Prof. Pierre Gönczy
Prof. Elena Goun
Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Imaging
Prof. Rolf Gruetter
Laboratory of functional and metabolic imaging
Prof. Calotta Guiducci
Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics
Prof. Vassily Hatzimanikatis Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology
Prof. Auke Ijspeert Biorobotics Laboratory
Prof. Kai Johnsson
Laboratory of Protein Engineering
Prof. Gioele La Manno Laboratory of Neurodevelopmental Systems Biology
Prof. Stephanie Lacour Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces
Prof. Hilal Lashuel Laboratory of Prof. Hilal Lashuel
Prof. Matthias Lutolf Laboratory of Stem Cell Bioengineering
Prof. Sebastian Maerkl
Laboratory of Biological Network Characterization
Prof. Suliana Manley Laboratory of Experimental Biophysics
Prof. John McKinney Laboratory of Microbiology and Microtechnology
Prof. Anders Meibom Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry
Prof. Jose Millan
Defitech Chair in Brain-Machine Interface
Prof. Felix Naef Laboratory of Computational and Systems Biology
Prof. Olaia Naveiras
Laboratory of Prof. Olaia Naveiras
Prof. Andrew Oates
Laboratory of Prof. Andrew Oates
Prof. Elisa Oricchio
Laboratory of Prof. Elisa Oricchio
Prof. Alexandre Persat
Microbial Mechanics Lab
Prof. Dominique Pioletti
Laboratory of Biomechanical Orthopedics
Prof. Demetri Psaltis
Optics Laboratory
Prof. Aleksandra Radenovic Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology
Prof. Sahand Jamal Rahi Laboratory of the Physics of Biological Systems
Prof. Pavan Ramdya Neuroengineering Laboratory
Prof. Philippe Renaud
Microsystems Laboratory 4
Prof. Sylvie Roke
Laboratory for Fundamental Biophotonics
Prof. Selman Sakar
MicroBioRobotic Systems Laboratory
Prof. Marcel Salathé Salathe Laboratory
Dr. Bernard Schneider
Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory
Prof. Kristina Schoonjans Laboratory of Metabolic Signaling
Prof. Nikolaos Stergiopulos
Laboratory of Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Technology
Prof. David Suter Suter Laboratory
Prof. Li Tang
Laboratory of Biomaterials for Immunoengineering
Prof. Didier Trono Laboratory of Virology and Genetics
Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville
The Medical Image Processing Lab
Prof. Gisou van der Goot
Laboratory of Prof. Gisou van der Goot
Dr. Alexander Verkhovsky
Laboratory of Physics of Living Matter


EDBB Committee

EDBB Student Representatives