About IRSA

See our Nowruz page.

Iranian Students Association at EPFL (IRSA) was officially established in February 2008. Its main goals include promoting Persian culture, increasing solidarity among Iranian students in Switzerland, helping them to integrate, and holding Persian events and manifestations.

Joining IRSA

All Iranian students from EPFL or other Swiss universities, and in general everybody interested in Persian culture, activities, events, etc. are most welcome to join. If you are interested , fill the IRSA’s membership form

IRSA’s Facebook group

You may join the IRSA’s Facebook page where the community members are typically actively engaged in discussions, helping out one another, and organizing events.

IRSA’s Telegram Channel

We usually use IRSA’s Telegram channel to announce our events.

IRSA’s email address

It’s dedicated to feedbacks from the Iranian community as well as the requests for joining the eNewsletter.

Email: [email protected]

For more information regarding the events and activities follow our public media:

Instagram: irsa.epfl

Telegram: @IRSA_EPFL

Facebook: IRSA (Iranian Students Association at EPFL)