The Analogous City-The Map

This new publication of The Analogous City, an artwork produced by Aldo Rossi, Eraldo Consolascio, Bruno Reichlin and Fabio Reinhart for the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 1976, is part of a museographic installation for the exhibition Aldo Rossi – The Window of the Poet at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht.

To gauge and explore this seminal work, Archizoom relied on Dario Rodighiero, candidate on the Doctoral Programme for Architecture and Sciences of the Cities, and designer at the Digital Humanities Lab (DHLAB) at EPFL. Conceived as a genuine urban project, The Analogous City displays an aggregation of architectures drawn from collective and personal memories. What happens if we isolate the forms that Aldo Rossi and his friends so consciously placed in relation to each other? Rodighiero simply decomposed it into the original references and then returned the pieces to the artwork, thus allowing us to simultaneously see the work and its visual vocabulary.

An application based on augmented reality has been created to work in tandem with this publication by displaying the complete references belonging to the collage on different layers suspended over the artwork. By downloading the free application and installing it on your tablet or mobile phone, you can recreate the interaction of the museum installation whenever and wherever you are.

Download the application Analogous City here

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