Master of Science in Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Scaling up from laboratory discoveries to industrial processes is the main challenge for chemical engineers. This is a complex optimization problem at many levels: environmental impacts, energy consumptions and costs must be minimized, and the quality and process safety maximized.

The Master’s program in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology focuses on several important tools such as innovative processes and separation techniques, biological engineering, biotechnology, catalytic engineering and polymers, including chemical process safety.

This master is structured for students to tackle the above key fields in chemical engineering before globally using their knowledge in order to complete a process development project placing them into an industrial production project situation.

In order to prepare his incoming professional career, the student carries out an industrial internship which allows him/her to discover the industrial world’s rhythms and specificities, including team work and quality processes.

This program is certificated by the EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer) label including the French CTI (commission française des titres d’ingénieur).

Please refer to the Registrar’s Office website for the current study plan of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program (School of Basic Sciences (SB)).