TA duties

All PhD students registered with the Section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering are required to teach 580h spread over 3 years.

Detailed information can be found below and on the Guidelines for PhD teaching assistants at SCGC.

Contact: Mrs Séverine Roque

PhD students are not expected to teach in the first and the last six months of their PhD, but are of course allowed if it is their wish.

How much does it mean concretely: roughly one day/week teaching during term-time

Phase 1 – about 3 months before semester start

Teachers are asked by the section to indicate their needs in teaching assistants.

Teachers can indicate the names of PhD assistants they have already selected and informed.

PhD students particularly interested in a specific course should contact the teachers early enough!

Phase 2 – about 2 months before semester start

A plan with teaching assistants’ needs for every course is sent to all PhD students.

After consultation, PhD students send their preferences (in topic and time) to the section.

Phase 3 – about 1 month before semester start

The section makes the final teaching assignments.

PhD students who have not sent any preferences and who need to teach will be assigned where needed.

Assignment final and mandatory!

Courses and exercises sessions: in principle, the hours giving at SCGC are effective working hours (+1h for every hour of exercise sessions).

Project supervisions: bundle of 56 teaching credits for every student supervised.

PhD from outside will receive an extra 3 teaching credits per day spent in Lausanne.

Train tickets are to be arranged directly with the lab’s secretary.

Up to 50 h of teaching will be credited for French courses for non-French speaking PhD students (upon presentation of justification).

Every year, 10 teaching excellence awards including a diploma and a cash prize will be attributed to outstanding PhD teaching assistants. Nominations are made exclusively by the teachers.