Prof. Rolf Gruetter


After obtaining his Ph.D. at ETH Zürich, Rolf Gruetter went in 1990 to Yale University for a PostDoc, then after a second PostDoc at University of Bern, he became 1994 Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota’s Center for MR Reserch, ultimately being promoted to tenured full Professor. He joined the Schoolof Basic Sciences of EPFL in 2004.

Research Interests

Metabolic reactions are the end-product of protein and gene expression and often at the heart of many diseases. Our lab is interested in the non-invasive measurement of metabolic processes and function. We are developing new approaches (multi-
nuclear spin physics and metabolic modeling, among others) allowing to measure metabolic reactions in vivo hitherto inaccessible, in the context of biomedical problems of interest in rodent models of health and disease (neurochemistry and diabetes research, among others), as well as with human volunteer subjects.

Selected Publications since 2014

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