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Located in Switzerland, EPFL is one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges

Through five schools and two colleges, EPFL community tackles the biggest challenges of our time through education, research and innovation.


Rolex Learning Center

At the heart of beautiful Switzerland, EPFL is a world of curiosity, collaboration and learning.


Une illustration représentant une multitude d'objets scientifiques (microscope, livres, fioles, règle en T...) gravitant autour d'un globe terrestre © Mathias Hängärtner

DOSSIER People can be plunged into hardship for all kinds of reasons, from war, famine and epidemics to poverty, pollution and climate change. Scientists and engineers at EPFL and elsewhere are rolling out initiatives to improve the lives of affected communities.

Infographie avec une carte de la Suisse illustrant l'impact économique de l'EPFL

DATA What is the economic impact of EPFL activities? For the year 2021, EPFL is estimated to have had an impact of over CHF 5.8 billion on the Swiss economy, despite the covid pandemic.

De la neige tombant sur l'Esplanade de l'EPFL @ Adrien Buttier / EPFL 2020

We published nearly 300 news articles on EPFL’s homepage in 2022, detailing the latest developments in science, academics, student life, startups and EPFL in general. Here’s a summary of the ten most-read news stories.




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EPFL brings together all levels of education and offers innovative training to its 11,500 students.


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With over 500 laboratories and research groups on campus, EPFL is one of the world’s most innovative and productive scientific institutions.


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EPFL transforms scientific excellence into value for companies and society in general.

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