Prospective MA students


We, as the Section of Chemistry and Chemical engineering, are not able to give you any advice on your eligibilty and your chances of getting accepted. You have to go through the complete registration process for your application to be thoroughly considered by our specialists.

The courses in the master’s programme are all given in English but a basic knowledge of French (B2) is recommended.

There are 2 deadlines per year for applications: 15/01 and 15/04. No applications can be considered after these deadlines.

EPFL does not grant scholarships to start studying. However, private foundations do support excellent candidates and those are selected by the section.

Part-time studies are not conceivable in our programmes for the time running. They can only be followed full-time and no arrangements can be made.


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We cannot answer any questions in regards to applications directly. For more information on the registration process, please refer to the Student services directly.