This section of EPFL is currently the largest school of chemistry in Switzerland by the yearly number of its graduates. It proposes a very broad training in molecular sciences, leading to a BS degree, and then two directions of specialization leading either to a:

Students carrying a MS degree or an equivalent title can join our doctoral school to be actively involved in scientific research and finally obtain a PhD in sciences or a PhD in technical sciences.

During all the studies, the student spends between 1/4 and 1/3 of his time in the laboratory. A cross-curricular program in humanities and social sciences representing 10% of all studies is also followed by the student. The main purpose of this set is to connect the scientist with social issues such as ethics, religions, philosophy, etc.

Chemistry training is evolving very rapidly towards a conceptualization of the molecular world. In such a way that the student apprehends as soon as possible abstract notions such as the electronic density of a molecule, its symmetry and its three-dimensional structure, he learns to use modeling software on his laptop.


Master in chemical engineering and biotechnology
2nd year
Master in molecular and biological chemistry
1st year
Master génie chimique
et biotechnologie
1ère année
Bachelor chimie et
génie chimique
3ème année