RCA Cleaning Request

The RCA cleaning service organized by CMi staff once a week is the cleaning procedure by default for wafers or samples requesting a thermal treatment in the Centrotherm furnace.
Nevertheless, the access is not limited to this category of wafers or samples, all wafers or samples requesting an intensive cleaning are allowed to participate to the cleaning as long as they fulfill the RCA admission rules for the wafers or samples :

  • No metal on the wafer
  • No resist (strip resist mandatory), no polyimide no Kapton
  • No K+ ions coming from KOH baths (Contact CMi staff for the decontamination procedure)
  • No float glass or pyrex wafers
  • Sample size larger than 10 x 10 mm
  • Wafer size smaller or equal to 200 mm


The RCA cleaning service is done in 3 stages :

  1. You do the RCA cleaning request through your account on the CMi website. You fill the mandatory fields :  billing account, the size of wafer, the number, the history of the wafer, the type of RCA, the layer and its thickness (see Step By Step RCA Cleaning Request and the documents Thermal Processes In Centrotherm Tubes and CVD Processes In Centrotherm Tubes for the official nomenclature of the CMi Centrotherm recipes) . The request has to done before 1am the day before the RCA.
  2. You deposit yours wafers in the RCA area (inside the Zone 3) before 5pm the day before the RCA.
  3. Once the cleaning and the thermal process are achieved (normally before the end of the week), CMi staff deposits your wafers on the delivery shelf in front of the zone 6. For POCL3 request, there is an extra step, please contact CMi staff.