The group is active in the field of advanced tribology as a multi-disciplinary, multi-scale discipline at the interface between material science, mechanics and surface chemistry and physics.
Tribology, Corrosion, Electrochemistry

Research interest is focussed on the scientific understanding of the interactions between nano-scaled surface features and tribological system behaviour and at developing predictive multiscale models including mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and material factors. This knowledge is exploited to develop innovative materials and processing routes for tailoring surfaces to meet new tribological challenges with special emphasis on smart coatings and in-situ electrochemical surface treatments.
The group has developed a particular expertise in the field of tribology in aqueous systems (tribocorrosion) including fundamental and applied aspects in specific areas such as biomedical implants, in-mouth tribology, coatings, components for microelectronics and power plants.



Last update 16.9.2010