Summer School on Stochastic Analysis

August 7 – August 18, 2023

The aim is to bring young Stochastic Analysts together in a stimulating environment.  There will be also some talks in addition to mini-courses. Each talk is aimed at explaining either one concept / technique or outlining future directions. We shall leave plenty of time for discussions, the participants can also arranged spontaneous talks. The school is suitable to senior PhD students and postdoct researchers with publications in related field of research.

Venue: The school will take place in the Bernoulli Center, EPFL (Lausanne), where at the proposal of the school is a lecture room holding comfortable 40 participants (now extended to 50 max), a small lecture for discussions, a sitting room, some offices, a kitchen, coffee machines, and balconies.

Mini-courses start on Monday afternoon (August 7th / 13th), finish Friday noon (the 11th and 17th). Some talks may be scheduled on other times of Mondays and Fridays.


P. Duch (Poznan). Flow equation approach to singular stochastic PDEs

M. Hairer (EPFL) TBA

F. Otto (Max Planck) Regularity structures without trees and with Malliavin calculus (Lectures  in week 1)

L. Ryzhik (Stanford)  Tentative title: Connections between deterministic parabolic PDEs and branching Brownian motion  

L. Tolomeo (Edinburgh) Statistical mechanics of the focusing nonlinear schrodinger equations

Confirmed Participants


Shigeki Aida    (Tokyo University, Japan)

Henri Altman (Free Univ, Germany)

Federico Bertacco (Imperial College London, England)

Jasper Barr (Australian National University)

Lukas Broux (Max Planck Leipzig, Germany)

Kening Chen (EPFL, Switzerland) 

Pawel Duch (Poznan, Poland)

Sarah Geiss (TU Berlin, Germany)

Dirk Erhard (Universidade Federal Bahia, Brazil)

Lucio Geleati (EPFL, Switzerland) 

Fabian Germ (EPFL, Switzerland/ Edinburgh, UK)

Erland Grong (Univ. of Bergen, Norway)

Martin Grothaus (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Florain Huber (Vienna University, Austria)

Felix Otto (Max Planck Leipzig, Germany)

Martin Hairer (EPFL, Switzerland) 

Helena Kremp (TU Vienna, Austria)

Kesav Krishnan (Univ of Illinois / Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences, USA)

Seiichiro Kusuoka (Kyoto Univ., Japan) 

Xue-Mei Li (EPFL, Switzerland) 

Pablo Linares-Ballesteros (Imperial College London, England)

Ruoyuan Liu (Edinburgh, UK) 

Avi Mayorcas  (TU Berlin, Germany)

Toyomu Matsuda (Free, Germany /EPFL, Switzerland) 

Sarah-Jean Meyer (Oxford, UK)

Ophelia Miralles (EPFL, Switzerland)

Chiranjib Mukerjee (Muenster, Germany)

Alexandra Neamtu (Konstanz, Germany)

Robert Neel (Lehigh University)

Francesco Pedulla (Imperial College London, England)

Benedikt Petco (Imperial College London /EPFL, England)

Nimit Rana (Imperial College London, England)

Xianfeng Ren (Imperial College London, England)

Maria Chiara Ricciuti (Imperial College London)

M. Rockner (Bielefeld, Germany)

Lenya Ryzhik (Stanford, USA)

Harprit Singh (Imperial College London / EPFL, UK)

Gerado Perez Suarez (Center for Research in Mathematics -CIMAT, Mexico)

Rhys Steel (Imperial College London / Marx Planck, England)

Markus Tempelmayr (Max Planck Leipzig, Germany)

Esmée Teewis (TU Delft, Neitherland)

Leonardo Tolomeo (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Weijun Xu (Peking University, China)

Jaeyun Yi (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Immanuel Zachhuber (Free Univ., Germany)

Kevin Zhang (Berkeley /Harvard, USA)