Standard Geotechnical Laboratory Tests

Our lab offers its wide range of experimental facilities for collaborations with different companies. One can provide identification and complete characterisation of soil behaviour following specific experimental protocols and standards.

Triaxial test

These type of test lead to determine the main parameters defining mechanical behaviour. Compared to the classical triaxial cell, it can also achieve any stress path.

Triaxial device

Shear tests alternated with Geonor

This device is designed to test drained and undrained on non-rearranged normally consolidated or slightly overconsolidated soils.

Geonor device

Casagrande standard shear test

In the field of earthen structures and foundations, the direct shear test is used for determining soils strength.

Casagrande standard shear device

Proctor test, CBRI;II test, CBRF test

CBRI;II and CBRF tests are used to determine freezing and thawing paramaters of infra-and superstructure.

CBRF test result

Soils identification

Densities, granulometric curves, water content, Atterberg limits, etc.