Reconstructing hyperspectral images from interferential camera measurements

Synopsis: Development of algorithms and software to generate and visualize hyperspectral images, as part of a semester project.

Level: MS.

Description: The student will work together with the scientific and technical team on a concept successfully tested on data acquired by an interferential hyperspectral camera prototype. He/she will take part in the development and testing of new reconstruction and visualization algorithms. In addition, the student will expand the existing hyperspectral processing and viewing application with new functions. The project has connections with many topics, including sampling theory, hardware development and artwork reproduction.

Deliverables: Algorithms, application.

References: no.

Prerequisites: Good knowledge of signal and particularly image processing, good general programming skills and basics of Python; basics of optics and colorimetry are a plus.

Type of Work: ~50% algorithmic development, ~50% software development.