Visions and Utopia

The course “Visions and Utopias” is designed as an adventurous journey between ideal visions and utopian figurations of architectural imagination. A marvelous and surprising imagination that has produced an immeasurable number of seemingly improbable visions. These images, behind their strange appearance, conceal the extraordinary fertility of architectural thought and the tangible forms it provides for ideas and impulses of scientific progress.

Architecture, more fascinatingly than other sciences and more concretely than other arts, has managed to produce images of a daily future, particularly bright and hopeful. The millennial adventure of utopian thought, between truth and plausibility, is conveyed through a phenomenological reading of the fantastic repertoire offered by architectural projects and literary descriptions. Students are asked to leverage their rhetorical skills to create a graphic work composed of visions of a utopian world between dream and reality. The subject will be explicitly absurd, and the techniques of expression used should represent objects as if they were real. A work between paradox and plausibility that highlights the dialectical and rhetorical power of architecture.