the voice of the visitor

Made possible by Engagement Migros, supported by EPFL

The pioneering project muse, made possible by the Engagement Migros development fund and supported by EPFL, is an audience evaluation tool that helps museums to get to know their visitors better. muse is the voice of the visitor. In addition to quantitative data, such as geographic and demographic information, the tool can also be used to collect qualitative findings on the direct impact of an exhibition visit. The focus of the tool is on creating playful interactions with participants and being easy to use – for museums and visitors alike. Museums can use the findings to take greater account of the perspective of visitors when curating and developing their exhibits – thus helping them to remain firmly established as active places in society, both now and in the future.


muse integrates the ‘voice of the visitor’ within audience research and places visitors’ embodied narratives at the center of evaluation. muse assists organisations in audience-centric approaches to designing future exhibitions, programs and experiences, and helps define value, beyond demographics. muse is a design-led method for encouraging visitors to engage with the evaluation directly inside the space of experience, not after it. This research enhances current visitor evaluation methodologies by developing visitor agency. muse compiles quantitative data about a qualitative experience and this data is visible to stakeholders in real-time over a network, on a digital dashboard. In addition, muse generates extensive interpretive reports for museums based on their data and their audiences.

Join muse

These 8 museum partners are helping us to pioneer muse. They have been selected as representative of a cross section of the Swiss museums landscape. If you and your museum would like to join this project we will be calling for another 16 partners in early 2021. Please contact us to register your interest and we will be in contact.

About Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund enables pioneering projects in the midst of social change, which break new ground and test solutions aimed at the future. This approach is oriented towards making a difference and combines financial support with coaching services in its Pioneerlab. Engagement Migros is made possible by the companies of the Migros Group thanks to annual funding of approximately CHF 10 million; it has been complementing the Migros Culture Percentage since 2012.