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Your feedback is essential to our EPFL 20-30 strategy for sustainable catering.

Our EPFL 20-30 strategy is designed to revolutionize the way we eat. Because it affects us all, and requires an effort from all of us, we need your feedback to make it work. So send us your comments, ideas and even complaints – we’re interested in anything you have to say.

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Here are some comments we’ve already received and plan to implement starting in 2021.

“Could we make the strategy more inclusive? The EPFL community has people from many different countries and religions, as well as people with food intolerances. Could they be worked into the strategy?” Manon Boissat, Vice President of AGEPoly

“It’s important to inform and teach our community about buying and cooking food sustainably. One idea would be to publish recipes that people can try at home. That would also help people learn to enjoy preparing vegetarian and vegan meals!” Gisou van der Goot, Dean of the School of Life Sciences

To make better use of the Too Good To Go app – getting more people to use it and distributing unsold food on campus more effectively – we could set up refrigerated vending machines in subway stations so that people can buy the unsold food on their way home and have it for dinner.” Christian Nils Schwab, Executive Director, EPFL Food and Nutrition Center

It’d be good if EPFL restaurants stopped selling drinks in disposable cups, which are so bad for the environment. It’s true that regular cups can chip or break, but we can work around that. For chipped cups, we can simply keep using them, and for broken ones – which can’t always be replaced with cups that are exactly identical – we can accept the use of non-matching sets. So we suggest not criticizing restaurants that use non-matching sets of cups. Maybe that will encourage them to switch away from paper ones.” EPFL Association of Research Scientists and Lecturers (ACIDE)