BIOP Image Analysts

The BIOP currently staffs 3 image analysts who can help you with the quantification of your microscopy data. Feel free to get in touch with us, or simply drop by our office to talk about your research and what you would like to obtain using image analysis methods.

[Borrowed from EuroBioImaging] We consider that bioimaging involves four different types of expertise.

  • Life Scientists (e.g. Biologists)  ask questions and seek answers by setting up experiments.
  • Instrumentalists (e.g. Microscopists) develop optical systems, collaborate and provide support for the acquisition of BioImage data.
  • Developers (e.g. Image processing algorithm developers, programmers and computer scientists) provide novel algorithms and their implementations to process images.
  • Bioimage analysts are a new type of experts in BioImaging, they select appropriate image processing algorithms and their implementations, and assemble them for conducting practical Bioimage Analysis.