SOFI packages

Multicolor SOFI imaging

MATLAB software package for multicolor SOFI imaging. More details are described in the paper: Spectral Cross-Cumulants for Multicolor Super-resolved SOFI Imaging (link)

Developed and tested in Matlab R2016b, under Windows 7 and Windows 10. No additional software installation is required.

Download the package

Unzip the folder on your computer, make sure it is in your MATLAB path.
To launch the calculation run multicolor_sofi_main.m
Please make sure that test data are in the same folder together with the code and that  the multicolor_sofi_main.m is the MATLAB current folder.

All tests should pass, results and figures will be saved in an automatically created results folder. The analysis of the test data should have a runtime of approx. 2min on a standard desktop computer.
Expected results can be found in the folder “test_data_expected_results”
Configuration of the processing can be changed in config.m
For more details about the implementation, please see the README file.