CoPro – Improved energy and resource efficiency by better coordination of production in the process industries

Source: EU H2020

Partner: TU Dortmund, INEOS, Covestro AG, P&G, Lenzing AG, Frinsa, University of Valladolid, EPFL, CRTH, CSIC, LeiKon GmbH, PSE, divis GmbH, Sabisu, ASM Soft, ORSOFT GmbH, inno TSD

Duration: Nov 2016 – May 2020 (42 months)

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The goal of CoPro is to develop and to demonstrate methods and tools for process monitoring and optimal dynamic planning, scheduling and control of plants, industrial sites and clusters under dynamic market conditions. The project aims at providing a decision support tool to operators and managers, and to develop technologies for balancing production and consumption in industrial parks for industrial symbiosis to achieve an optimally energy and resource efficient production. CoPro integrates plant-wide scheduling and control with demand-side response for buffering the effects of fluctuating renewable energy production and distribution. It will develop online data analytics and novel forms of information presentation that lead to a symbiosis of operators and computer-based control algorithms. The solutions will be integrated into the IT infrastructure of the plants via a neutral integration platform that connects to different IT systems. CoPro pays special attention to methods for the efficient development of plant models as the basis for advanced control, scheduling, and coordination. All the developed tools and methodologies will be proved and tested on five use cases. Such use cases cover the complete value chain of the process industries, are characteristic of a broad range of sectors and have enough similarities to exploit synergies. The five use cases are the followings:

  • Petro-chemical production site (INEOS, Covestro AG)
  • Coupled large-scale production units in an industrial park (Covestro AG and INEOS)
  • Cellulose fibre production (Lenzing AG)
  • Production, formulation and packaging of detergents (P&G)
  • Sterilization and packaging of food (Frinsa)

Contacts: Ivan Kantor ([email protected]), Alessio Santecchia ([email protected])

Publication list:

Thermal profile construction for energy-intensive industrial sectors

I. D. Kantor; A. S. Wallerand; M. Kermani; H. E. Bütün; A. Santecchia et al. 

2018. 31st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, Guimaraes, Portugal, June 17-22, 2018.