SCCER JA RED – Joint Activity “Romande Energie Demonstrator”

Source: Innosuisse,  Swiss Innovation Agency



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The joint activity “RED” within the project SCCER FURIES explores the coupling of the electrical grid with other energy-carrier grids such as heat and gas and, at the same time, addresses the socio-economic aspects related to the implementation of multi-energy systems and smart grid solutions developed by the SCCER-FURIES in both their demonstrators.

The main objectives of the joint activity are the following.

  1. Definition of guidelines for the planning of future multi-energy systems.
  2. Assessment of the value-creation of different business models for various stakeholders (i.e., consumers, prosumers, third aggregators or market players, distribution and transmission system operators) over a long-term time horizon (2030).

The resulted solutions will increase the flexibility of the energy networks via local energy production and conversion at multiple levels. At the building level, they are expected to reduce the high share of fossil fuel-based energy systems. At the district level, they are expected to enable the optimal exploration, distribution and coupling of local resource, such as solar energy, ambient heat, waste heat, and storage potentials. The proposed joint activity are expected to provide multiple benefits for all the stakeholders and contribute significantly to the achievement of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and the Swiss Electricity Networks Strategy.

Rolle Application of JA- RED: Electrical Grid + Heating Demands

Contact person: Luc Girardin ([email protected]), Luise Middelhauve ([email protected])