GEOTHERM II: Geothermal energy integration in urban systems


Geothermal energy, from low-enthalpy resources to high depth Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) applications, is a widely available renewable energy source. Nonetheless, despite its potential, this resource isn’t highly exploited to date, this mainly due to high investment costs and associated risks, especially when it comes to EGS.

The IPESE research group is active in the analysis of urban energy systems with the application of modelling and optimisation techniques in order to find the best ways to fulfill the energy requirements of a urban energy system in an efficient, clean and cost-effective way.

GEOTHERM II is a project aiming at assessing the potential of deep geothermal energy (EGS) in the energy future of Switzerland. The IPESE research group is contributing to this effort by evaluating the possible integration of geothermal energy within Swiss urban systems and industry, with a first case study in the city of Lausanne.

Video: GEOTHERM II presentation @ CCES conference 2014

Contact: Stefano Moret