Modern grids

The modern grids that we will see in the future, will be bidirectional and decentralized and would integrate both the thermal and electricity grid into one big grid. The complexities arising from the mixing of the electrical, thermal and economic aspects for this new grid, there is a need for control at different levels of the grid. Model Predictive Control (MPC) is one of the most promising approach towards achieving this control. The control of all aspects of the grid, the economic aspect and the comforts of the user could be provided by the MPC technology. The MPC predictions also provides the added benefit of making it easier for the existing producers to be sure that supply both baseline and peak electrical power to customer is maintained without strain on power plants and the transmission and distribution network. Over time, with the aid of teaching algorithms implemented, the MPC can only improve and the quality of predictions (errors in prediction) will either be maintained or improved.

Contact: Raman Menon