2006, EMC Zürich in Singapore

EMC Zurich in Singapore, 2006

Rajeev Thottappillil and Farhad Rachidi organized a two-day tutorial on EMC aspects of Lightning at the International Zurich EMC Symposium in Singapore, February 2006. This picture shows the tutorial instructors. From left to right : Z. Hartono (Malysia), A. Borghetti (Italy), Y. Baba (Japan), M. Rubinstein (Switzerland), R. Thottappillil (Sweden), F. Rachidi (Switzerland), A. Larssen (Sweden), V. Rakov (USA), G. Diendorfer (Austria), M. Paolone (Italy), N. Theethayi (Sweden). Missing C.A. Nucci (Italy) and V. Cooray (Sweden)

Dinner at Boat Quay, Singapore. From left to right: Michel Ianoz, Mojgan and Farhad Rachidi, Abraham Rubinstein, Markus Bittner, Ana Vukicevic and Eugénie Ianoz