2014, EMC Tokyo

 – Japanese dinner invited by our hosts from CRIEPI.
Standing from left to right: Dr. Hideki Motoyama and his wife, Prof. Fridolin Heidlerm, Dr. Gerhard Diendorfer, Dr. Takatoshi Shindo and his wife.
Sitting from left to right: Dr. Akiyoshi Tatematsu, his wife and their son, Prof. Farhad Rachidi, Prof. Marcos Rubinstein, Dr. Toru Miki and his wife.

– Gala dinner, Kagami-biraki ceremony. From left to right:
Farhad Rachidi, Masao Taki, Gherry Pettit and Osami Wada

– Visit of the Tokyo skytree tower. From left to right:
Gerhard Diendorfer, Fridolin Heidler, Marcos Rubinstein and Farhad Rachidi

– Visit of the Tokyo skytree tower. From left to right:
Erico and Takatoshi Shindo, Gerhard Diendorfer, Fridolin Heidler, Marcos Rubinstein, Toru Miki, Farhad Rachidi, Fridolin Heilderm and Gerhard Diendorfer

– From left to right:
Akiyoshi Tatematsu (CRIEPI), Farhad Rachidi and Takatoshi Shindo (CRIEPI)

From left to right:
Marcos Rubinstein, Gerhard Diendorfer, Farhad Rachidi and Mauro Feliziani

Banquet and Award Ceremony

Tokyo, Japan, May 2014