2012, Best Paper Award to Felix Vega (EUROEM)

 eurorem 2012 best paper award photo

Felix Vega (left) receiving his award from Prof. Edl Shamiloglou. Also present in the pictures three of the co-authors (Prof. Farhad Rachidi, Prof. Francisco Roman and Nicolas Mora), the Chairman of the Awards Committee (Prof. Scotty Tyo) and the Chief Editor of the EMP Notes (Dr. Dave Giri).


Felix Vega of the EMC Laboratory of EPFL received the best paper award at the 2012 European Electromagnetics International Symposium (EUROEM 2012), which was held in Toulouse, France, July 2-6, 2012.

Felix Vega
received this award for a paper entitled “Design, Realization and Experimental Test of a Coaxial Exponential Transmission Line Adaptor for a Half Impulse Radiating Antenna”. The co-authors of the paper are Farhad Rachidi, Nicolas Mora, Nestor Peña and Francisco Roman.

EUROEM/AMEREM conferences provide one of the most important forums within the international scientific and engineering community in high power electromagnetics. At each conference, organized alternatively in Europe (EUROEM) and in North America (AMEREM), Best Paper Awards are given for papers appeared in the EMP Note Series for the previous two years. EMP Note series represent the most prestigious collection of papers dealing with high power electromagnetics. It is also one of the oldest open access scientific collection in the literature (available online at the following address: http://www.ece.unm.edu/summa/notes/index.html).