2016, Farhad Rachidi was appointed Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE EMC Society

Prof. Farhad Rachidi is among the three new Distinguished Lecturers that the EMC Society Board of Directors has approved for the term 2016-2017.

Lecture given at a local chapter meeting by one of the Distinguished Lectures is considered one of the most popular benefits that the EMC Society offers. Chapter Chairs can request any of the Distinguished Lecturer’s to come to their local chapter meeting. Once the schedule details are agreed by both parties, the EMC Society pays for the travel costs, so the local chapter gets experts speakers, on a wide range of topics, at no cost to the local chapter.

The three talks offered by Prof. Rachidi are the following :


Talk 1: Everything You Don’t Know about Lightning…and Nobody Else Does Either

Since 1752 when Franklin conducted his famous kite experiment, significant progress has been achieved in understanding lightning discharge and its effects. However, many questions still remain unanswered in various fields of lightning including lightning physics and lightning protection. In this lecture, an overview of lightning phenomenology and recent progress on lightning research is presented.


Talk 2: Measurement of Lightning Currents at Mount Säntis in Switzerland

This talk reports on the instrumentation of the Säntis telecommunicationstower in Switzerland for the measurement of lightning current parameters, as well as provides an overview of the obtained data. The Säntis tower was instrumented in May 2010 and during its first five years of operation; more than 500 flashes were successfully recorded. The Säntis station is the highest lightning current measurement station (2500 m ASL) with the highest incidence (100 flashes/year).


Talk 3: A Review of Field-to-Transmission Line Coupling Models with Particular Reference to Lightning-Induced Voltages

In this lecture, the general theory describing the interaction of an impinging electromagnetic field with transmission lines is presented, with particular reference to lightning-induced voltages.


Talk 4: Electromagnetic Time Reversal and its application to EMC

In this lecture, the general theory describing the interaction of an impinging electromagnetic field with transmission lines is presented, with particular reference to lightning-induced voltages. 


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