2012, Awards to Alexander Smorgonskiy and Carlos Romero at the 31st International Conference on Lightning Protection

Alexander Smorgonskiy (left) and Carlos Romero (right) receiving their award from Prof. Istvan Berta, Chairman of the 2012 ICLP Awards Commitee.


Alexander Smorgonskiy and Carlos Romero of the EMC Laboratory of EPFL were the recipients of two awards at the 31st International Conference on Lightning Protection, which was held in Vienna, Austria, September 3-7, 2012.

Alexander Smorgonskiy received the Young Scientist Award for a paper entitled ‘Influence of the lightning triggering rocket wire and its corona on the electric field at ground level’. The work has been carried out within the framework of a research project on lightning protection of wind turbines in cooperation with Juvent SA and funded by the BKW Ecology Fund.

Carlos Romero received a Diploma for Young Scientists for his paper entitled ‘Some characteristics of positive and bipolar flashes recorded on the Säntis Tower in 2010 and 2011’. The presented work describes new measurement results associated to lightning flashes recorded at the Säntis telecommunications tower in Switzerland. The project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The ICLP was established in 1951 by a group of eminent scientists and is now considered the most prestigious scientific conference in the field of physics of lightning discharges and lightning protection.

ICLP web site: http://www.iclp-centre.org
ICLP 31st International Conference web site: http://www.aldis.at/iclp2012/