Addresses and documents to bring to the Residents’ registration office


Usually required documents

Please find hereunder the list of the usually required documents. We invite you to ask the Residents’ registration office in the commune where you live if other documents are required.

  • For UE or AELE nationals:
    – Upload the form “Annonce d’arrivée” available on point 7 of this page.
  • For non-UE or non-AELE nationals:
    – Upload the form “Rapport d’arrivée” available on point 7 of this page.
    – Upload the form “Application form for a temporary residence permit for non-EC/EFTA nationals for study purposes in the Canton of Vaud” available on point 4 of this page.
  • Passport
  • Birth or origine certificate
  • Marriage or divorce certificate
  • EPFL enrolment certificate. Enrolment certificates certificates can be printed out directly from your secured access of IS-Academia
  • 3 passport photos
  • Rental contract where you are living in Switzerland or landlord attestation if you do not have a rental contrat (attestation templates are sometimes given on commune’s websites)
  • For european students: A document proving that you have sufficient funding (2000.- CHF/month) for your stay in Switzerland.You will find how to prove it on this page
  • Scholarship holders must provide an attestation of scholarship (document «Declaration of obligations» for students from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme). You will have the option to ask for a tax exemption if you benefit from a scholarship.
  • Cash money for foreigner students in order to pay your residence permit (the amount is depending on the commune and your arrival country, we advise you to take ~200.- CHF).