Poster Session 2

15:30 – 16:15

Even Sciper Numbers

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Alejandra InésSlagterMetalsStructure and micromechanics of oxide inclusions in iron alloysLinkLink
AlexanderFedorovskiySurfaces & Thin FilmsBeyond Tolerance Factor: using deep learning for prediction formability of ABX3 perovskite structuresLinkLink
Alexander JanGoscinskiQuantumEfficient and insightful descriptors for representing molecular and material spaceLinkLink
AliceBoarinoPolymersPLA-lignin films for sustainable packagingLinkLink
AminHodaeiCompositesAdditive Manufacturing of MicrosupercapacitorsLinkLink
AndreaGrisafiQuantumMulti-scale approach for the prediction of atomic scale propertiesLinkLink
AndreaMucchiettoQuantumPerpendicular standing spin waves in DNA-origami-based magnetic nanostructuresLinkLink
Andrea EloisaTeixeira PitaCeramicsEffect of ZnO on Cement ReactivityLinkLink
BaharehGhadianiSurfaces & Thin FilmsVideo-rate imaging using small bimorph cantilevers through photothermal off-resonance tapping AFMLinkLink
Benjamin AaronHelfrechtCeramicsCombining Supervised and Unsupervised Learning to Build Materials MapsLinkLink
Carl Tore ViktorLindströmMetalsReducing balling defects in L-PBF of copper by powder coatingLinkLink
CarolineHainSurfaces & Thin FilmsMicrowave Plasma-Assisted HiPIMS on the Example of Diamond-Like Carbon FilmsLinkLink
ChihebBen MahmoudQuantumLearning the electronic density of states in condenser matterLinkLink
Chuen-RuLiSoft MaterialsBioinspired viscoelastic capsulesLinkLink
DanielMarchandMetalsMachine learning for metallurgy. A neural-network potential for Al-CuLinkLink
DidemDedeQuantumRemote Doping of InGaAs Nanowire BranchesLinkLink
DmitriiMaksimovSurfaces & Thin FilmsAb initio structure search of (flexible) molecules at interfacesLinkLink
FrancescoLibbiQuantumOptical properties from NEGFLinkLink
GabrielePasqualeSurfaces & Thin FilmsEmergent Phenomena in 2D Semiconducting HeterostructuresLinkLink
Gabrielle Anne LaguismaSblendorioCeramicsAtomistic simulations of strontium incorporation in β-tricalcium phosphateLinkLink
GhezaeTekleabPolymersLignin-based polymer materialsLinkLink
LorenzHagelükenCeramicsProperty-tunable, liquid precursor, ceramic MEMSLinkLink
LucaBinciQuantumRare-earth nickelates with extended Hubbard functionalsLinkLink
LucasGüniatPhotonicsInGaAs Square Quantum Wells around GaAs Nanospades Grown on Si (100)LinkLink
MahdiHijaziBiomaterialsA Computational Study of Molecular Functions Emerging from Coupled Motions in G-protein Coupled ReceptorsLinkLink
MahdiZamaniSurfaces & Thin FilmsAchieving monocrystalline 𝑍𝑛_3 𝑃_2 thin films for photovoltaicsLinkLink
MahsaBagheriCompositesAlkali silica reaction; dissolution of concrete aggregatesLinkLink
MarieBischoffSurfaces & Thin FilmsSurface Potential and Interfacial Water Order at the Amorphous TiO2 Nanoparticle/Aqueous InterfaceLinkLink
MatteoGasbarriSoft MaterialsAnti-viral strategies against SARS-CoV-2LinkLink
Maya NicoleHarrisCeramicsPreliminary thermodynamic analyses of the synthetic CASH systemLinkLink
MichaelShurBiomaterialsIn vivo Imaging ofSub-kPa Hydrogel SwellingLinkLink
Michal DanielMachaSurfaces & Thin FilmsIon irradiated, nanoporous MoS2 membranesLinkLink
MicheleBozzettiPolymersCharacterizing microporous layers for PEM fuel cells with 3D FIB-SEM tomographyLinkLink
NataliyaLopanitsynaMetalsHigh-temperature thermodynamics of Ni alloys with machine learningLinkLink
NatechanokChitvoranundCompositesEffect of temperature on phase assemblages and property of high Al systemsLinkLink
Nicholas PaulMorganPhotonicsToward Scalable III-V Nanowire Networks for IR PhotodetectionLinkLink
NormaRivanoQuantumPolar optical phonon’s splitting in one-dimensional materialsLinkLink
RajrupaPaulSurfaces & Thin Filmsvan der Waals Epitaxy of Earth-Abundant Zn3P2 on GrapheneLinkLink
RanZhaoCompositesBiomineral composite capsules made from emulsion dropsLinkLink
ReinisIgnatansCeramicsTemperature and voltage dependent nano-domain dynamics in BaTiO3LinkLink
Robin Pierre AlainGirodPolymersIonomer distribution in proton exchange membrane fuel cell electrodes probed by cryo-electron tomographyLinkLink
SabrinaSantPolymersInvestigating and Modulating Soft Mechanochemistry at Polymer InterfacesLinkLink
SimoneGiaveriPolymersNature-inspired Circular-economy Recycling (NaCRe) for ProteinsLinkLink
Solène Anne-LiseAlbinskiCompositesCharacterization of ASR products by electron microscopyLinkLink
SuiyangLiaoPolymersSingle-Chain FoldingLinkLink
TommasoChiarottiQuantumA unified formalism for spectral and thermodynamic calculations in MBPT and its application to the HEGLinkLink
Tzu-HsienShenSurfaces & Thin FilmsOxygen Evolution Reaction in BSCF Aided by Intrinsic Co/Fe Spinel-Like SurfaceLinkLink
XiangweiHuangQuantumDerivative of resistance measurement: A better way for detecting quantum oscillationLinkLink
YueyueBaoMetalsIn-vivo investigation of electrochemical reactions of Ti in human synovial fluidsLinkLink
ZhenyuWangSurfaces & Thin FilmsMetallic-Semiconducting TMD Heterostructure Growth and Electrical PropertiesLinkLink