VegeTable – January – mandarin

Ingredients for the tiramisu

  • 100 gr sugar
  • 400 gr mascarpone
  • 200 gr ladyfingers
  • 40 gr cocoa powder
  • 4 mandarins
  • 4 eggs



Squeeze the juice of two mandarins and set aside.
Peel the other two mandarins and chop them into small pieces.
Break the eggs into a bowl, separating out the whites from the yolks.s.


Whip the egg whites into stiff peaks. Beat the sugar and the egg
yolks together until lightly colored. Using a flexible spatula, fold the
mascarpone into to sugar/yolk mixture. When the mixture is smooth,
gently incorporate the egg whites.


Arrange the biscuits, sugar-side down, in the bottom of a serving
dish. Drizzle the mandarin juice over them and then cover with
two-thirds of the chopped mandarin pieces.

Then layer on the mascarpone mixture.

Arrange the remaining mandarin pieces on top and finish off
with a dusting of cacao powder.

Cover and refrigerate for one hour, then serve.


A recipe created especially for EPFL by Philippe Deflon, La Table de Vallotton (Rolex Learning Center)


About mandarins

Mandarins are a sweet, fragrant fruit and one of the least acidic members of the citrus family. This makes them a great choice for recipes: they can be squeezed for juice, added to fruit or green salads, made into jam, or used in desserts.

Nutritional benefits
Mandarins gently stimulate digestion and are a perfect complement to a meal. They should be eaten raw in order maximize their nutritional benefits. Mandarins are rich in vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron and calcium, and an excellent source of flavonoids, which protect the skin against aging.

What to look for
When ripe, mandarins have a thin, reddish-orange skin with a juicy, sweet and fragrant flesh. Clementines, on the other hand, are a cross between mandarins and sweet oranges. Mandarins have fewer seeds and a thinner skin that’s easy to peel. Their flesh is more acidic and less sweet than clementines.

Mandarins can be kept a room temperature for about a week. They will last twice as long in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

Dr. Maryam Yepes