What will change on our plates in 2022

Find out about the first steps in our EPFL 20–30 strategy


January 2022

  • Installation od Deliss fully vegan vending machines

March 2022

  • Meals delivered by bicycle or scooter (pilot test)
  • Harvest time at Bassenges Farm
  • Reopening of the TAOU pooled purchasing system for local products

April 2022

  • Reopening of the Hodler Self-service

June 2022

  • Initial data on popularity of vegetarian meals

September 2022

  • Harvest time at Bassenges Farm
  • Opening of the Hopper, diner-styls cafeteria
  • Opening of the Copernic
  • Opening Food Trucks Village

November 2022

  • Results from our H1 2022 carbon footprint assessment