Zero Waste

To strengthen our commitment to sustainable development, use of the Too Good To Go app will be extended across campus. With this app, anything left unsold at our catering points will be given away to reduce food waste, which accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. We will also ban single-use cutlery and ensure that biodegradable, compostable and reusable containers are available across campus. This will help us to reduce EPFL’s carbon footprint. The research conducted at the School’s food sustainability laboratory – the first of its kind in Switzerland – will focus on sustainable catering, food, water and food-waste management. Lab members will regularly analyze EPFL’s catering- and food-related carbon footprint in collaboration with our three partner companies: Beelong, which looks at the environmental impact of food purchases, Quantis, which measures products’ carbon footprints, and Kitro, which offers innovative food-waste solutions.