White Box – Superheroes

When superheroes tell us who we are
From September 10 to October 24
Rolex Learning Center – White Box

Opening: Tuesday, September 16, 5:30 p.m.

Around fifty EPFL students will display posters inspired by works presented at the “Superman, Batman & Co…mics!” exhibit carried out at the Maison d’Ailleurs. The outcome is … surprising!

Marc Atallah is both the director of the Maison d’Ailleurs (a museum of science fiction, utopia, and extraordinary journeys) and a lecturer of Social and Human Sciences at EPFL. During the 2014 spring semester, he asked his students to focus on the current exhibit at the museum in Yverdon and reinterpret the artwork presented there. The results, depicted on posters, are on display in the White Box, a mobile exhibition space, set up to host the collection in the Rolex Learning Center’s Klee Cafeteria.

The exhibit is a unique opportunity to marvel at the artists’ work with additional context brought in through the thoughts of the EPFL students.

→ Maison d’Ailleurs website

→ EPFL’s SHS Curriculum website