White Box Christmans – a surprise exhibition!

In the Rolex Learning Center Hall
From the 9th of December to the 5th of January

Be among the first to experience “White Box,” the new exhibition space by the Maison d’Ailleurs, transplanted to the Rolex Learning Center!

During this Advent time, the theme chosen is “Christmas in science-fiction”, about thirty images drawn from the fantastic worlds of comic books and science-fiction.

A Santa Claus with blue skin and tentacles, a super hero filling stockings with toys, a family in spacesuit celebrating Christmas on a distant planet… For the past two years, EPFL’s cultural affairs and the Maison d’Ailleurs have been working together enthusiastically to bring you creative exhibitions. One goal of this partnership is to show you to what extent surreal science-fiction scenarios tell of today’s collective imagination – the imagination through which we interpret the world we live in. Yuletide festivities in interstellar space in the company of little green men remind us that Christmas celebrates the communion of all beings – a message that can be read into a picture of Santa Claus offering gifts to astonished extraterrestrials. Come and appreciate robots dressed in odd attire, shimmering decorations in which we can contemplate ourselves, or aliens filled to the brim of their hoods with gifts. Each and every one of these pictures portrays the reconciliation between science and the imagination.

Merry Christmas to all of you !