At EPFL, there are 3 categories of processes:

  1. Managerial and strategic processes are the responsibility of EPFL’s president and other members of EPFL’s Direction[1].
  2. Academic processes, are the responsibility of the corresponding schools and colleges and academic Vice-presidents (VP).
  3. Operational and financial processes, are the responsibility of the Vice Presidency for Finances (VPF), the Vice Presidency for Human Resources, Vice presidency Operations (VPO) and Vice presidency for Responsible transformation (VPT).

All the processes are planned, realised, controlled and improved by means of specific quality instruments.

The quality management system provides the EPFL Management with an overview of the processes, specific instruments and responsibilities related to quality.

[1]The strategic duties of each VP will be described in more detail in a probable 2021 update to Lex 1.1.1.