Micro Placer

Micro Placer – MP904
Micro Placer – MP904
  • The universal assembly station combines an easy and flexible handling, together with highest precision.
  • The MP904 can handle a wide range of components. Starting from chipsize 0201 up to Fine Pitch and BGA components.
  • The unrivalled smooth-running guide of the mounting head helps to place the SMDs accurately. When the pipette comes into contact with the components, the vacuum automatically switches itself on and when placing them, it switches off.
  • The solid construction of the handling head and the vision system insures a highly precise placement of Fine Pitch and BGA components.
  • After picking a component the vision system helps to align the component to the PCB, by using micrometer screws.
  • The MP 904 is qualified for the assembling of high-grade prototypes and small series.