Galvanoplastie chain

Developper – Pill

Developper – Pill

This equipment realizes the development of the photoresist. It removes the non-exposed photoresist by projecting a NaCO3 solution onto the film.

Electroplating chain

Chaîne galvanoplastie

This installation operates electrolytically and allows the following operations:

  • Metallization of holes by chemical preparation and electrolytic copper
  • Copper deposit of about 20 µm on the tracks and in the holes
  • Deposit of tin acting as a saving when etching

Stripping – Pill

Stripping  - Pill

Used to remove the resist covering the unwanted copper. This is done generally using soda or potash.

Etching – Pill

Etching - Pill

The copper parts which have not been protected by protective tin are now etch away. For this we use a powerful alkaline solution. This process is quite critical because we need to ensure that we do not etch tracks sideways so they are exactly as requested by the designer.