PCB Manufacturing


Etching - Pill

Galvanoplastie chain

Developper – Pill Electroplating chain Stripping – Pill Etching – Pill

Dry Film Laminator – Bungard RLM 419P

Dry Film Laminator

Once the plate has been prepared it must be coated on both sides with a layer of UV photosensitive film called photo resist.

Drilling/Milling CNC – Schmoll Modul 60S

Drill/Milling CNC

This machine with a double spindle is specially made for the drilling and milling of PCB’s. It allows to drill holes between 0.25 to 6.2 mm


Milling Machine - CNCshop

Milling machine

CNC Milling machine with 3 axes specifically designed for the final milling of PCB’s and milling of thin parts.

Laser Direct Imager – Limata UV P104

Laser Direct Imager

Laser Direct Imaging is the best technical solution for small and middle-sized series production.

Photoplotter – FIRST EIE RP-212NT


Compact multi-beam laser photoplotter for standard PCB artworks and films.