In vivo X-ray microtomography locally affects stem radial growth with no immediate physiological impact

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Tree water uptake patterns across the globe

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Field Guide to Northern Tree-related Microhabitats: Descriptions and size limits for their inventory in boreal and hemiboreal forests of Europe and North America

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Tree diversity reduces variability in sapling survival under drought

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Twenty years of irrigation acclimation is driven by denser canopies and not by plasticity in twig- and needle-level hydraulics in a Pinus sylvestris forest

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Spatio-temporal patterns and drivers of CH4 and CO2 fluxes from rivers and lakes in highly urbanized areas

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Invasive palms have more efficient and prolonged CO2 assimilation compared to native sub-Mediterranean vegetation

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Combining X-ray micro-CT and microscopy-based images of two lianas species to derive structural, mechanical and functional relationships

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Adverse and mitigating impacts of warming on tree carbon cycling

C. Grossiord 

Symposium Plant Science Research in Switzerland_SwissPLANT 2023, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, January 23-25, 2023.

How can interactions between trees mitigate adverse impacts

C. Grossiord 

Links between tree diversity, plant hydraulics, and wildfires, Banyuls-sur-mer, France, March 27-29, 2023.

Disentangling the impact of co-varying drought-driven changes to soil moisture, vapor pressure deficit, and temperature on plant carbon and water relations.

C. Grossiord 

the 25th EGU General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April 23-28,2023.

The rising importance of heat and vapor pressure deficit in plant hydraulic dysfunctions.

C. Grossiord 

Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of America , Portland, Oregon, USA, August 6-11, 2023.

The impacts of rising vapour pressure deficit in natural and managed ecosystems

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Anatomical and physiological consequences of beech leaf disease in Fagus grandifolia L.

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Seasonal variation in the xylem sap composition of six Australian trees and shrubs

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Evaluating Carlquist’s Law from a physiological perspective

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Extracting flowering phenology from grassland species mixtures using time-lapse cameras

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Chronic warming and dry soils limit carbon uptake and growth despite a longer growing season in beech and oak

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Interactions between beech and oak seedlings can modify the effects of hotter droughts and the onset of hydraulic failure

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Mit dem Tod beginnt das Leben: Totholznutzer in Einzelporträts

M. Bolliger; R. Bütler Sauvain 


From roots to canopy: Unraveling the influence of species diversity on tree water relations under warmer and drier climates

E. I. Mas / C. Grossiord; F. Valladares (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2024. 

Dendromicrohàbitats. Guia de camp. Descripció, identificació i classificació pel seu inventari

R. Bütler Sauvain; T. Lachat; F. Krumm; D. Kraus; L. Larrieu 

Birmensdorf, Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, 2023.

Veldgids voor. Boommicrohabitats. Beschrijvingen en grenswaarden voor inventarisatie

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Birmensdorf, Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, 2023.

Dendro-microhábitats guía de campo. Descripción, identificación y clasificación para su inventario

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Guida da campo ai dendromicrohabitat. Descrizione e soglie dimensionali per il loro inventario

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Guide de poche des dendromicrohabitats. Description et seuils de grandeur pour leur inventaire

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Taschenführer der Baummikrohabitate. Beschreibung und Schwellenwerte für Feldaufnahmen

R. Bütler Sauvain; T. Lachat; F. Krumm; D. Kraus; L. Larrieu 

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Field guide to tree-related microhabitats. Descriptions and size limits for their inventory

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Impacts of snow-farming on alpine soil and vegetation: A case study from the Swiss Alps

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An observation-based, reduced-form model for oxidation in the remote marine troposphere

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Food web structure and energy flux dynamics, but not taxonomic richness, influence microbial ecosystem functions in a Sphagnum-dominated peatland

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Ericoid shrub encroachment shifts aboveground-belowground linkages in three peatlands across Europe and Western Siberia

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Reply to Yang et al.: Biomass burning is an important tropospheric source of ozone in remote regions of the globe

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Absence of canopy temperature variation despite stomatal adjustment in Pinus sylvestris under multidecadal soil moisture manipulation

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New Phytologist. 2023-07-22. DOI : 10.1111/nph.19136.

Strategical planning of Blue-Green Infrastructure: a multi-scale landscape connectivity approach for biodiversity enhancement

F. Molné Correig 


Study on the differences in below- and above-ground traits of scots pines (and their relationships) according to water availability

P. Fevre 


Canopy dieback and recovery in Australian native forests following extreme drought

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No carbon storage in growth-limited trees in a semi-arid woodland

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Stand structure of Central European forests matters more than climate for transpiration sensitivity to VPD

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Nitrogen oxides in the free troposphere: implications for tropospheric oxidants and the interpretation of satellite NO2 measurements

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Investigation of bamboo nodes structural characteristics with X-ray micro-CT imaging

J. H. Gouin; A. Vassilopoulos; P. Turberg 

2022. 20th European Conference on Composite Materials – Composites Meet Sustainability, EPFL, Lausanne, June 26-30, 2022.

Faster drought recovery in anisohydric beech compared to isohydric spruce

D. E. M. Ulrich; C. Grossiord 

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Totholz – alles andere als tot

R. Bütler Sauvain; M. Bolliger 


Above- and below-ground responses to experimental climate forcing in two forb species from montane wooded pastures in Switzerland

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Increasing temperature and vapor pressure deficit lead to hydraulic damages in the absence of soil drought

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Impact of warmer and drier conditions on tree photosynthetic properties and the role of species interactions

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Accounting for foliar gradients in Vc(max) and J(max) improves estimates of net CO2 exchange of forests

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The Role of Hydraulic Failure in a Massive Mangrove Die-Off Event

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Effectiveness of X-ray micro-CT applications upon mafic and ultramafic ophiolitic rocks

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Vers un outil commun à l’échelle européenne et du bassin méditerranéen pour prendre en compte la biodiversité dans la gestion forestière : l’Indice de Biodiversité Potentielle (IBP)

P. Gonin; L. Larrieu; T. Baiges Zapater; T. Cervera Zaragoza; M. Miozzo et al. 

XV World Forestry Congress, Coex, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2–6 May 2022.

Aridity and cold temperatures drive divergent adjustments of European beech xylem anatomy, hydraulics and leaf physiological traits

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Mechanisms of woody-plant mortality under rising drought, CO2 and vapour pressure deficit

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Severe declines in hydraulic capacity and associated carbon starvation drive mortality in seawater exposed Sitka-spruce (Picea sitchensis) trees

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Warming may extend tree growing seasons and compensate for reduced carbon uptake during dry periods

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Espaces protégés forestiers et libre évolution

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Photosynthetic acclimation and sensitivity to short- and long-term environmental changes in a drought-prone forest

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Journal Of Experimental Botany. 2022-02-02. DOI : 10.1093/jxb/erac033.

Planting oats to study the effects of air pollution

S. Perroud 


Die Buche – ein herausragender Habitatbaum

R. Bütler Sauvain 

Bündner Wald. 2022. Vol. Februar, p. 34-37.

Lessons learned from a long-term irrigation experiment in a dry Scots pine forest: Impacts on traits and functioning

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Using PhenoCams to track crop phenology and explain the effects of different cropping systems on yield

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Habitatbäume – wahre Perlen im Wald

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Hotter droughts alter resource allocation to chemical defenses in pinon pine

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Phenotypic plasticity versus ecotypic differentiation under recurrent summer drought in two drought-tolerant pine species

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Stability of tropical forest tree carbon-water relations in a rainfall exclusion treatment through shifts in effective water uptake depth

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Both diversity and functional composition affect productivity and water use efficiency in experimental temperate grasslands

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Drone-based physiological index reveals long-term acclimation and drought stress responses in trees

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Legacy effect of green manure crops fertilized with calcium phosphite on maize production and soil properties

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Interactive effects of tree species mixture and climate on foliar and woody trait variation in in a widely distributed deciduous tree

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Partitioning soil organic carbon into its centennially stable and active fractions with machine-learning models based on Rock-Eval (R) thermal analysis (PARTY(SOC)v2.0 and PARTY(SOC)v2.0 (EU))

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Hydraulic architecture explains species moisture dependency but not mortality rates across a tropical rainfall gradient

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Disentangling the Effects of Vapor Pressure Deficit and Soil Water Availability on Canopy Conductance in a Seasonal Tropical Forest During the 2015 El Niño Drought

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Tree growth in Switzerland is increasingly constrained by rising evaporative demand

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Reconnaître les arbres-habitats grâce à l’application

R. Bütler Sauvain; C. Rosset; L. Larrieu 

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The effect of temperature changes and K supply on the reproduction and growth of Bolboschoenus planiculmis

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Valorization of calcium phosphite waste as phosphorus fertilizer: Effects on green manure productivity and soil properties

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Évolution du bois mort dans les forêts de Montricher

M-A. Silva; F. Drollinger; E. Morard; R. Bütler Sauvain 

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Diversité des lichens et enjeux de gestion dans les forêts de Montricher

M. Vust; M. C. Mola Djebarri; P. Clerc; R. Bütler Sauvain 

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Rencontre avec Charlotte Grossiord, une spécialiste des arbres

C. Grossiord 


Root carbon and nutrient homeostasis determines downy oak sapling survival and recovery from drought

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Tree Physiology. 2021-02-17.  p. tpab019. DOI : 10.1093/treephys/tpab019.

Alt, knorrig – und von Tieren geliebt

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Des arbres-habitats grouillants de vie

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Blessés ou cabossés, les vieux arbres ont un rôle à jouer

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Quand les arbres servent de refuge

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Fünf Menschen im Einsatz für unsere Wälder

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Ein gesunder Wald ist nicht makellos

R. Bütler Sauvain 


Laisser du bois mort en forêt préserve certaines espèces et limite les coûts

R. Bütler Sauvain; S. Deillon 


Nyon-St-Cergue – a case from western Switzerland

R. Bütler Sauvain; J. Rosset; A. Perusset 

How to balance forestry and biodiversity conservation. A view across Europe; Birmensdorf: European Forest Institute (EFI); Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), 2020. p. 285-293.

Impact of Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems

C. Grossiord 


Plant wax and carbon isotope response to heat and drought in the conifer Juniperus monosperma

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Editorial: Plant-Soil Interactions Under Changing Climate

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Species identity, rather than species mixtures, drives cover crop effects on nutrient partitioning in unfertilized agricultural soil

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Soil nutrient availability alters tree carbon allocation dynamics during drought

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Assessing the responses of Sphagnum micro-eukaryotes to climate changes using high throughput sequencing

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Shift in plant-soil interactions along a lakeshore hydrological gradient

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Tree growth, transpiration, and water-use efficiency between shoreline and upland red maple (Acer rubrum) trees in a coastal forest

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Mortality predispositions of conifers across Western USA

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