LAMP hosting for mini-websites

It is possible to obtain LAMP hosting for your public websites, on a shared environment.
The hosting of LAMP sites is reserved for EPFL personnel, in the context of the professional activities of their units (labs or services).
This hosting is limited to exceptional cases, when the other services (WordPress CMS…) cannot really meet your usecases. It is aimed at IT specialists or IT managers who are able to manage all aspects of setting up a web application (security, software updates, data protection).

The LAMP service only provides a hosting service and does not offer any support on the application, i.e. on the systems that the site managers install on the server.

The person in charge of the site undertakes to respect the rules of data protection and security and to make the necessary technical updates (in particular security patches).

EPFL IT security and the LAMP service owners is authorized to close down a site that does not respect the rules concerning data protection and security, or that is not kept up to date.

The choice of the requested URL will be validated according to the LEX 6.2.1. Once the form is validated, creation of the website will take a few days; therefore please make your request sufficiently in advance.